Sunday, March 13, 2016

Introduction-- Bob's Writings

   This page will serve as a display and springboard for my various writing projects.  Just to give you an idea, I have seven (7) current projects.  Some of them will be mentioned and perhaps displayed on this site.  Take a look around, see if anything grabs your attention, if it does, then read a bit.   I will try to provide at least a tid-bit of all of my writings, and these writing projects are a potpourri and plethora of diverse topics and interests.  Hope you will find something that you will enjoyLet me know by adding your comments and suggestions.

   As I am developing and editing "The Bob Page" website, I'm adding and deleting, and moving around various items.  One of the newest features will be this page where I will display some of my writing projects.  I hope to expand these writings into book form at some point, perhaps downloading them into an e-Book format.  In July/August, I am studying three online classes related to writing :   
  •  Publish and Sell Your e-Books
  •  Writing and Selling Self-Help Books
  •  Introduction to Internet Writing Markets 

I hear someone in practically EVERY conversation that I have using these phrases, and yet they have no idea what they mean or where they came from.  I will attempt to research and explain the origins and meanings of these sayings. As time permits, I hope to research them more and develop a commentary explaining the origin and meaning of these expressions which we use so often in our everyday speech.
  •  [2]  Another of those projects, "The Sports Widow's Guide to Football" is a Beginner's Guide to the sport of football, hopefully written for and directed to the novice fan who may be a friend, spouse, or family member of a sports nut.  It will attempt to cover the basics and give someone the foundation to be able to understand and enjoy the game, along with their significant others. 
 This unfinished project is now downloaded to this site and I offer it for you to read and enjoy, and also to leave me comments and suggestions.
   My other projects [ presently on the backburner ], along with some excerpts, include : 
  • [3] "Make This Job and Love It" [an Enterpreneurial Business Guide]; this will be an encouraging and helpful guide to the weary worker, who's also unhappy with their current career path, and a step-by-step course to finding a better lifestyle and source of income.
  •  [4] "JFK Plus 50 : 50 Questions Still Left Unanswered" [a research and expose of the Kennedy Assassination];  a topic that I've always been intrigued by, this is an in-depth essay on the facts and myths of the JFK Assassination, from my own perspective.
  •  [5] "As E-Z as A-P-C" [an easy-to-read how-to book for beginning computer users];  a "non-technical technical manual", teaching the computer newbie what they really need to know to do what they need to do.
  •  [6] a yet untitled Guitar Workbook & Video for beginning guitar playersthis will include most of my guitar teaching materials, plus many new and exciting things for guitar players.
  •   [7] "Sidekicks & Second Bananas : TV & Movie Role Players from the Golden Era" [a biographical sketch of many of the unknown but well-recognized background actors and actresses over the last fifty years].
   Quite an ambitious and challenging group of writing projects, if I do say so myself!  I'm aware that these projects will take some time to complete, but I've been "thinking" over these in my mind for some time now [a period of years], and I'm about ready to get serious about pouring my heart into actually finishing a few of them.

   This may be somewhat of a surprise for some of my friends and those of you that might occasionally read my blog site.  When you get over the initial shock, I hope that you will choose to support and encourage me in this endeavor.  Thanks to all of my friends and hopefully you will be holding or reading a completed version of one of these projects in the not too distant future.

 © 2014 Bob Wingate

Friday, March 11, 2016

Author's Symposium----Rowan Reading Rendezvous

   I'm attending a special two--hour Authors' Symposium tomorrow morning, featuring 16 different authors, most of whom are local or area residents.   It's a great opportunity to meet some new people, hear their wisdom, and get to interact with them.   I'm looking forward to it!

Writing Projects

     I decided to sit down and put together a SUMMARY of all of my Writing Projects in a logical way--- so that I could show others what I was up to-- and so that I could keep a gentle reminder in front of me to keep writing and pressing on to my goals.

     Let me know which of these FIVE PROJECTS are your personal favorite--- which one of these (if any) would you buy a copy for your own ?
  • LEGACY OF A LIFETIME--- my dad's story--- I promised him before he died that I would complete this project--- so I must do so. 
  • MY FAITH JOURNAL--- a compilation of my faith blogs and journals
  •  SPORTS WIDOW'S GUIDE TO FOOTBALL--- Female's Football Factbook

     I've got many more ideas for books, articles, and blogs.   But I've got a focus on completing these projects before I dive into other projects.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Legacy of a Lifetime- My Dad's Story

   UPDATE: (7/18/15)  My dad went to be with his Lord Jesus on March 25, 2015.  Our continual prayers for his healing seem to have been fruitless, but alas, our perspective just needs to be that he is now eternally healed.  Our sadness is in missing him.  His joy is to be in heaven, and no longer suffering.

   I am continuing to work on a project that began with my dad, mom and I through many hours together during his illness, in hospital and rehab rooms, and also at home.  You can begin reading his story at :  or at :   

   Hope you enjoy the story, and the ride through my dad's "Legacy of a Lifetime".   Just know that no amount of words could relate to you the man that he was to us.  Those that knew him can tell you, but you will have to get to know him here.

   I've begun working on a project with my Dad.  Having spent most of the last month (since Sept. 15) with him and my Mom in two hospitals and a rehab center, I've been able to spend hours just listening to him and Mom talk about their lives together.  My Dad has talked about his boyhood, his time in the military, he and my Mom meeting and dating, and their marriage, and our family.  It's been a wonderful experience, and one that I've decided to share with you.

  It's called "Legacy of a Lifetime."  Some people's legacy is an Olympic gold medal, or a Super Bowl, or a Pultizer Prize.  Dad's never had any of those one-time grandiose events in his life, but instead, he's lived a whole lifetime being who he is, and making an impact on all of our lives.  It's this complete story that I want to write and share.

  I've signed up to take a "Memoir Writing" at a local community center, led by a local author.  It's six weeks of writing, sharing, and learning from each other.  There are about a dozen people in the class.  I'm looking forward to being a part of it.   Hopefully, it will help me with this and other writing projects.