Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Legacy of a Lifetime- My Dad's Story

   UPDATE: (7/18/15)  My dad went to be with his Lord Jesus on March 25, 2015.  Our continual prayers for his healing seem to have been fruitless, but alas, our perspective just needs to be that he is now eternally healed.  Our sadness is in missing him.  His joy is to be in heaven, and no longer suffering.

   I am continuing to work on a project that began with my dad, mom and I through many hours together during his illness, in hospital and rehab rooms, and also at home.  You can begin reading his story at :  or at :   

   Hope you enjoy the story, and the ride through my dad's "Legacy of a Lifetime".   Just know that no amount of words could relate to you the man that he was to us.  Those that knew him can tell you, but you will have to get to know him here.

   I've begun working on a project with my Dad.  Having spent most of the last month (since Sept. 15) with him and my Mom in two hospitals and a rehab center, I've been able to spend hours just listening to him and Mom talk about their lives together.  My Dad has talked about his boyhood, his time in the military, he and my Mom meeting and dating, and their marriage, and our family.  It's been a wonderful experience, and one that I've decided to share with you.

  It's called "Legacy of a Lifetime."  Some people's legacy is an Olympic gold medal, or a Super Bowl, or a Pultizer Prize.  Dad's never had any of those one-time grandiose events in his life, but instead, he's lived a whole lifetime being who he is, and making an impact on all of our lives.  It's this complete story that I want to write and share.

  I've signed up to take a "Memoir Writing" at a local community center, led by a local author.  It's six weeks of writing, sharing, and learning from each other.  There are about a dozen people in the class.  I'm looking forward to being a part of it.   Hopefully, it will help me with this and other writing projects.

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